What's ruff?
It's your pocket-sized best friend that aims to make writing on the go fun, and sharing it fast & easy.

How does it work?
It's a single sheet of text with your progress automatically saved and restored between sessions — no file management to worry about here! You can set aside (aka stash) text to come back to later via a left swipe. Or you can pass it on (aka share) via the FAB.

How do I access my stashed text?
Drag the Status Bar by its handlebar all the way up and tap on any to fetch (you can copy it to your clipboard or share it with another app from here too). Keep in mind, when you fetch text, it writes over your active text. Make it a habit to stash anything you want to keep before you do any fetching (you can always undo a fetch in case of a slip).

What comes with an upgrade to ruff+?
It unleashes the following:

Oh and you make an indie developer and their digital pup happy!

What about your privacy policy?
Simple — neither of us store any user data whatsoever.

Do you offer cloud backup?
Not personally, but Android does preserve app data by uploading it to your Google Drive where it's protected by your Google account's credentials. Although the amount of data is limited to 25mb, it should be more than enough to accommodate all your text.

Please note that automatic backups (if on) occur at irregular intervals, and the most reliable way to ensure your data is up-to-date is to manually backup:

1. Open Drive
2. Go into Settings
3. (Auto-backup for apps) Backup and reset
4. [Back up now] (note: this initiates a full system backup as there's no way, that I'm aware of anyway, to restrict this to a single app)

To check when your last ruff backup occurred, go to (Active backups) App Data and scroll to ruff.

If you're temporarily uninstalling ruff, please remember to backup right before and ensure the "Automatic restore" of apps (on Drive's "App data" screen) is on so that all your data is restored on the new install.

What about sync?
All your text and settings should move across with you as you jump between Android (and Chrome OS) devices. There's however currently no syncing available between the Android and Windows versions of ruff.

How can I support the app's development?
Thanks for asking! You can by:

Any or as many of the above! 👍

Finally, teach me a few tricks.
With pleasure — woof!

That's a wrap — time for treats ðŸĶī